Educational Board Games for Sustainability Education

The use of board games as teaching tools have shown to be very efficient in many situations. Especially, games are an effective way of improving teaching efficiency, demonstrating opposing views and encouraging an element of collaboration as well as competition in a non-threatening environment. Games offer a platform for interpersonal interaction and the possibility of experiencing simulated complex situations that otherwise would be too expensive or difficult to deliver in a safe training environment.

We offer several different board games, useful for teaching different areas within sustainable development:

  • The DILEMMA board game is an interactive tool for teaching sustainable development. The game challenges students to go outside their comfort zone, to discuss and debate, think critically, as well as explain key concepts to each other.
  • IN THE LOOP ® presents today’s resource-related challenges in a fun and engaging way and triggers players to find solutions. It is used in workshops, classes, and events by industry practitioners, academic institutions, and game enthusiasts.
  • Fishbanks gives participants a demonstration of the concept of the tragedy of the commons, an introduction to systems thinking, and trains strategic decision making with limited access to information.
  • Clime Out is a board game about Earth’s climate system and climate change. Teams compete and challenge each other in three different types of duels.