Educational Board Games for Sustainability Education

The use of board games as teaching tools have shown to be very efficient in many situations. Especially, games are an effective way of improving teaching efficiency, demonstrating opposing views and encouraging an element of collaboration as well as competition in a non-threatening environment. Games offer a platform for interpersonal interaction and the possibility of experiencing simulated complex situations that otherwise would be too expensive or difficult to deliver in a safe training environment.

The games that we offer and the associated digital learning material are all specially designed to facilitate education for sustainable development.

All our educational game packages include:

  • Board game (classroom package) that is specially designed for teaching a certain aspect of sustainability
  • Access to the Snowflake Toolkit: an online learning platform with associated teaching material such as video lectures, student assignments, digital exam, infrastructure for submissions and managing student results
  • Preparatory assignment with several subtasks, which students go through before they play
  • Follow-up assignment with several subtasks, which students perform after they have played
  • Facilitator’s teaching material including eg. PowerPoint files (with a detailed script), that helps facilitating a game seminar
  • Extensive instructions for the facilitator of the game seminar/course module
  • Support if you need any help to get started or have questions

Each game is part of a learning material package, that can be delivered to your students using with the Snowflake method for sustainability education.