Trial package [3 games]

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Not ready to purchase a full classroom package yet? Do you want to have a deeper look into our board games for teaching sustainability one at the time before deciding which one(s) to include in your course(s)?

The trial package consists of three games PLUS access to a demo account of the Snowflake Toolkit.

The games included in this package are:

  • Dilemma
  • ClimeOut
  • In the Loop

For each one of the games, you will receive everything you need to play the game, including some digital material that you will access through the online Toolkit. You can play with colleagues and even use them in class, to evaluate their respective pedagogical value.

The demo account of the Snowflake Toolkit includes demonstration material for several learning packages, both relating to the three games included in the package and also some other material. You will be able to access the learning material as if you were a student, to provide all the necessary insights you will need before deciding to purchase a full classroom package.

The demo account will be accessible for the limited time of 90 days.

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