Learning Packages

We develop ready-to-use packages with intended learning outcomes, preparatory material (online lectures, student assignments, readings and reading lists), seminar activities (board games, role plays and case-based seminars), follow-up student assignments and a complete examination infrastructure (computerised tests and assignment marking tools). Each package consists of all the material that the teacher would need to plan and deliver the learning package, including teacher guides and manuals.

Sign up for a teacher account on the Snowflake Education Online Toolkit to access the full material that we offer. With a teacher account you can browse through the learning package templates that we have created or design your own packages.


Each learning package may be added to a ‘module’ that you create on the Online Toolkit. What we call a ‘module’ is a self-consistent unit that may be small (perhaps consisting of only one learning package) or a full course on its own – you as a teacher decide on the scope and level when you design the module. With our teacher planning tool this is very easy.

Module with Learning Packages

Once you have created the module you may integrate it into your course and import your students to the online platform. You have an option to either use the Snowflake Education Online Toolkit as a standalone platform and import your students by an import file, or to integrate the Toolkit to your institution’s Learning Management System.

The Snowflake Education Online Toolkit allows for an easy and straightforward integration of Sustainable Development into any course. The platform enables teachers to easily integrate a sustainability subsection into their subject courses. It is integratable to most common Learning Management Systems and includes a set of classroom and off-classroom activities such as online lectures, homework assignments, coursework readings, computerised exams, and teacher instructions on how to deliver educational board game seminars.

Full service teaching: in some cases, our clients ask us to deliver some or all teaching activities associated with delivering a course module using our packages. This includes classroom activities where we take on teaching assignments for our client’s students; marking student assignments and tests; and reporting student results to the responsible lecturer at the client institution. With our experience as university lecturers we have the skills and formal competences to offering a full service or any subpart thereof. If this option is of interest for your institution, let us know and we will work out the details together. Preferably, our teaching services could be combined with teacher training.

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