About Snowflake Education

Snowflake Education is dedicated to help universities, schools and organizations with integrating sustainability in their training and education activities.

We have developed a completely new and innovative concept for teaching this complex and challenging topic: a combination of online based pre-exercises and active learning board game seminars – put together in a flipped-classroom setting.

This method is now used in dozens of schools in several countries, and every year thousands of students learn sustainability with the help of Snowflake Education’s game-based approach. See method for a more in-depth description of our pedagogical method.


Every student should get the training and teaching they need to be able to contribute to a better world.

We believe that sustainability is not only important to integrate in all education, but that sustainability is in fact the reason for why we conduct education in the first place. At the core of the concept of sustainability lies to work for a better world. And helping their students to achieve the tools to be able to do exactly that – is probably what motivates every teacher and every professor in the world to go to work every day.

Therefore, finding a straightforward and effective way to integrate a sustainability perspective in any subject course should be the obvious choice for all educators. The Snowflake Education method is tailored for doing just that.


Snowflake Education is a small start-up based in Stockholm, Sweden – but with a world-wide reach. Our small but dedicated team believes that what we do can actually play a huge role for what will happen with the world.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any troubles with how to get that sustainability touch to your course or education program. Or, if you have done something interesting in your classroom that you want to share! We love talking with educators, both about their struggles and hearing their success stories.

This is us:

 Jon-Erik Dahlin, CEO and co-founder.

Robert Johansson, CTO and co-founder
Sara Trulsson, project manager and developer
Lovisa Lundgren, project manager and developer