In the Loop: Materials Learning Package [3 game pieces + 40 student licenses]

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[NOTE: this product contains 3 (physical) game boxes PLUS a comprehensive digital material that is accessed through the Snowflake Toolkit online platform]

The In the Loop board game is an effective introduction to the concepts of material flows, life cycle thinking, and circular economy. It presents resource-related challenges of modern society in a fun and engaging way, and triggers players to find solutions. This is a classroom package, intended for use in schools and universities, but the game is also used in workshops, classes and events with participants from industry practitioners, academic institutions, and general game enthusiasts.

Taking action towards smarter resource use and circular economy is crucial for today’s companies and countries. In the Loop helps take the first step in identifying what moving towards a circular economy can mean in reality.

In the Loop is used in one learning package in the Snowflake Toolkit:

Critical Materials and Circular Economy: in this learning package students are introduced to how to sustainably manage the use of materials. The focus is on concepts such as critical materials, resource management and circular economy. Questions that are discussed include: what does a smartphone consist of? Which countries contribute to the production of critical materials? How can business strategies contribute to reducing resource waste in the supply chain? In the board game In the Loop participants attempt producing products and exploring the complexities of resource management.

This package also includes 40 student licenses.

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