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The DILEMMA board game is an interactive tool for teaching sustainable development. The game challenges students to go outside their comfort zone, to discuss and debate, think critically, as well as explain key concepts to each other. The game was developed by university lecturer Jon-Erik Dahlin and is based on two different types of question cards: it contains knowledge-based quiz questions and dilemma questions – both linked to sustainability.

Knowledge-based quiz questions can be used as a learning activity in their own right or as a knowledge check for a later exam (there is a set of "easy" questions and one with "difficult" questions in the game).

The dilemma challenges act as an incentive to initiate discussions in relevant areas. In a subsequent debriefing, some of the issues discussed by the participants in small groups, can be highlighted by the teacher giving breadth and depth. There are three sets of dilemma cards linked to different areas.

In a classroom package (8 game boxes), in addition to the games and a teacher's manual, there is also extensive briefing and debriefing material as well as suggestions for homework assignments.

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