Individual Toolkit License: for teacher/faculty or student user

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The Snowflake Toolkit is an online learning platform with associated teaching material such as video lectures, student assignments, a digital exam, infrastructure for homework submissions and for managing student results.

With a student account, the user can access the learning material that has been opened up by facilitators at the learning institution where the student is registered. Note that individual accounts are not time-limited. Each account that is created can be used throughout a multi-year program. Students can even access the material after they have graduated.

With a teacher/faculty account, it is possible to create new course modules from learning package templates that are ready-made and/or by adding other course material. Any module that is created is fully editable, with possibilities to add learning material and/or to remove material that is included in the templates. With a teacher/faculty account it is also possible to create new accounts.

The Toolkit can be integrated with many standard Learning Management Systems, enabling easy access for students and easy handling of student results.

Each user will need a license to access their account.