Full Faculty Package [including 4 games (18 game pieces) + SDG cards (6 decks) + digital package]

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Snowflake Education’s mission is to help learning institutions to embrace sustainability as an important and even crucial ingredient in their education programs. With this comprehensive package, your institution will have full access to the following teaching tools:

  • The Snowflake Toolkit: online learning platform with associated teaching material such as video lectures, student assignments, digital exam, infrastructure for submissions and managing student results (prepares students for playing games, and follows up on learning from game seminars)
  • Dilemma: board game for introducing sustainability and values thinking
  • ClimeOut: board game for introducing climate change
  • FishBanks: board game and classroom simulation for fostering a systems thinking
  • In the Loop: board game for learning about material flows, life cycle assessment and the concept of circular economy
  • SDG (Sustainable Development Goal) cards: a versatile tool to introduce discussions around the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals
  • Training and onboarding: you will have access to our staff for support and onboarding questions PLUS an exclusive set of 20 consulting hours that can be used for training and/or course co-development (tailored in accordance to your needs)

You will have full access to all this material, with full course developer rights to the digital material meaning that you can add an unlimited number of teacher/faculty and student accounts to the system.

The time limit for this full access is restricted to 12 months, after which a small fee will be charged on each new account license that is issued. Note that individual accounts are not time-limited though, as each new account that is created can be used throughout a multi-year program. Students can even access the material after they have graduated.

All this material will be provided to enable you to facilitate seminars with student groups of up to 40 students at the time. This means that you will get:

  • Dilemma: 6 game boxes
  • ClimeOut: 6 game boxes
  • FishBanks: 1 game box
  • In the Loop: 5 game boxes
  • SDG cards: 6 decks

It is fully possible to run seminars with several hundred students at the time. Additional copies of each game are available at:

  • Dilemma: 120 EUR per additional game box (3-7 students per game)
  • ClimeOut: 120 EUR per additional game box (3-6 students per game)
  • FishBanks: 179 EUR per additional game box (4-40 students per game)
  • In the Loop: 144 EUR per additional game box (2-8 students per game)
  • SDG cards: 15 EUR per additional deck (17 SDG cards in each deck)