Dilemma & SDG cards: Values Thinking Learning Package [6 game pieces + 40 student licenses]

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[NOTE: this product contains 6 (physical) game boxes, 6 (physical) decks of SDG cards, PLUS a comprehensive digital material that is accessed through the Snowflake Toolkit online platform]

The Dilemma board game is an interactive tool for introducing the concept of sustainable development. The game challenges students to go outside their comfort zone, to discuss and debate, think critically, as well as explain key concepts to one another.

The SDG (Sustainable Development Goal) cards is a versatile tool to introduce discussions around the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, the 17 SDGs included in the Agenda 2030. We have developed several workshop exercises around these cards and it is also easy to develop your own exercises based on them.

Progression in the Dilemma game is based on two different types of question cards: knowledge-based quiz questions and dilemma questions – both linking to sustainability. Knowledge-based questions can be used as a learning activity in their own right or as a knowledge-check in more advanced settings. The dilemma questions act as an incentive to initiate discussions in relevant areas.

Dilemma is used in two learning packages in the Snowflake Toolkit:

Values Thinking: in this learning package, students learn how to problematize around sustainability solutions. They practice to identify values that lie behind different opinions, and debate based on an assigned position. In the seminar, the SDG cards are also used.

Constructive Debate: in this learning package, students practice by again taking a position in a debate. They will then use the polarity mapping tool to understand a polarized subject, discuss how to manage such polarization and design well-thought-out compromises.

This package also includes 40 student licenses.