ClimeOut: Climate Change Learning Package [6 game pieces + 40 student licenses]

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[NOTE: this product contains 6 (physical) game boxes PLUS a comprehensive digital material that is accessed through the Snowflake Toolkit online platform]

ClimeOut is a board game about Earth’s climate system and climate change. Teams compete and challenge each other in three different types of duels.

Teaching about climate change is challenging: the climate system is complex, forecasts of the future include difficult discussion on probabilities, and the topic as such awakes emotions. ClimeOut gives students the opportunity to discover the fascinating climate system together with their peers.

Since a lot of students worry about climate change, there is a great value of discussing scientific data together with peers, and translate the vocabular of climate research into a language used by the group. Clime Out increases student understanding and confidence in the topic of climate change – in an engaging, energetic and enjoyable manner.

In the game, teams compete to remove the largest amount of greenhouse gas from the atmosphere. The teams challenge each other in duels and the winner of each duel may remove a number of greenhouse gas tokens from the board. There are three types of duels: [1] the Quiz (fact-based questions within a climate-related topic), [2] the Glossary (duel on who is fastest at explaining climate glossary to their teammate) and [3] the Puzzle (duel on who is fastest at gap filling and explaining a graph, chart or a chain of events).

ClimeOut is used in one learning package in the Snowflake Toolkit:

Earth’s Climate and Climate Change: in this learning package students gain a deeper understanding of the Earth's climate system and climate change. They learn more about strategies for how climate research can be communicated to the public and they will also be able to practice explaining the natural science background of climate change (even if the students are not within a natural science field themselves).

This package also includes 40 student licenses.

The climate is at stake and there is no time to lose!