Introduction to Education for Sustainable Development [distance learning course, starting 31 March 2020]

What does a university course look like that triggers students to wanting to contribute to a better world?

What can you do, as an educator, to help students cope with the major challenges of our society? And how do you encourage them to feel that they can play an important professional role in contributing to a sustainable development?

This course is aimed at university faculty/tutors and provides a basic introduction to Education of Sustainable Development (ESD). In addition, it offers a range of concrete tools for teaching sustainability.

The course is given during 7 weeks as an online course with self-paste studies and regular batch calls.

After the course you will…

  • understand what makes sustainability education difficult – and have a set of tools to deal with these concrete challenges,
  • have trained on delivering concrete classroom activities to give your students insights on the global challenges, complex systems and the ability to discuss tricky dilemmas involving opposing values and opinions in a constructive manner,
  • have the ability to discuss the connection between sustainable development and your teaching subject, with students and colleagues,
  • have the ability to plan the integration of sustainable development at course level,
  • have contributed to discussions with colleagues in the planning of integration of sustainable development at program level,
  • have tools to continuously build your own expertise in sustainable development

The methods demonstrated during the course are based on modern educational concepts such as digital learning, blended learning, flipped-classroom, active learning and serious games.

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